Strength of Materials a Unified Theory

Strength of Materials a Unified Theory

Strength of Materials provides a comprehensive overview of the latest theory of strength of materials. The unified theory presented in this book is developed around three concepts: Hooke's Law, Equilibrium Equations, and Compatibility conditions. The first two of these methods have been fully understood, but clearly are indirect methods with limitations. Through research, the authors have come to understand compatibility conditions, which, until now, had remained in an immature state of development. This method, the Integrated Force Method (IFM) couples equilibrium and compatibility conditions to determine forces directly.   

Content :
Determinate Truss
Simple Beam
Determinate Shaft
Simple Frames
Inderterminate Truss
Inderterminate Beam
Inderterminate Shaft
Inderterminate Frame
Two-Dimensional Structures
Column Buckling
Energy Theores
Finite Element Method
Special Topics


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