Site Engineers Manual First Edition

Site Engineers Manual First Edition

Quality, safety, completion on time and profitability are essential ingredients of a
successful contract. Provided these targets are met then both client and contractor
will be satisfied.
Much has been written on the need for quality assurance (QA). For many, the
means to achieve satisfactory quality has become unnecessarily synonymous with
excessive bureaucracy typified by overburdening paperwork. It is unfortunate that
little emphasis has been placed on the need for well-educated, trained and dedicated
people to achieve these objectives.

The term quality assurance has been used in recent times to describe the manage-
ment process by which appropriate quality can be achieved. Definitions proliferate.

For the information and education of staff there should be available, to all, a simple
statement outlining the aims and objectives of the company and an organisation chart

explaining the interrelationships between different parts of the company. For exam-
ple, a project manager will need to know if a central engineering department exists

which is capable of carrying out temporary works design. It will also be important
for him to know who to contact should he need advice and how the cost of that
advice will be reimbursed.


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