Concrete Durability

Concrete  Durability

The increasing importance placed on the whole-life performance of struc-
tures means that there is a growing demand for long service lives with

minimal maintenance requirements. Furthermore, the operation of infra-
structure beyond the originally intended service life is becoming an increas-
ingly common scenario. Thus, the durability of construction materials is of

more concern to civil engineers than ever before.
Concrete is a highly durable material that is also capable of imparting
protection to steel embedded within it. However, concrete structures are
frequently required to function in a wide range of aggressive environments
for long periods of service.

This book individually examines all of the major physical and chemi-
cal mechanisms that threaten the durability of concrete and addresses the

options available for achieving appropriate durability, with emphasis on the

approaches addressed by standards. It also provides a coverage of proce-
dures for durability assessment, testing of structures, and repair and reha-
bilitation methods.

This book has been written with an audience of graduate students and
young professionals in mind.


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