Engineering Drawing for Manufactur

Engineering Drawing for Manufactur

This book is a foundational book for manufacturing engineering
students studying the topic of engineering drawing. Engineering
drawing is important to manufacturing engineers because they are
invariably at the receiving end of a drawing. Designers come up
with the overall form and layout of an artefact that will eventually be
made. This is the basic object of engineering drawing- to communicate
product design and manufacturing information in a reliable
and unambiguous manner.Nowadays, companies operate over several continents.
Engineering drawings need to be language-independent so that a
designer in one country can specify a product which is then made in
another country and probably assembled in yet another. Thus, engineering
drawing can be described as a language in its own right
because it is transmitting information from the head of the designer
to the head of the manufacturer and indeed, the head of the
assembler. This is the function of any language.

International Standards Organisation (ISO), because it is the world's
over-arching standards organisation and any company wishing to
operate internationally should be using international standards
rather than their own domestic ones. Thus, this book gives information
on the basics of engineering drawing from the standpoint of
the relevant ISO standards. The emphasis is on producing engineering
drawings of products for eventual manufacture.


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