Structural drawings are those prepared by the A/E for the
owner or purchaser of engineering services. The structural
drawings and the project specifications form a part of the

contract documents. Structural drawings must contain an ad-
equate set of notes and all other essential information in a

form that can be quickly and correctly interpreted. These

drawings must convey definite instructions and show rein-
forcing bars and welded wire fabric. Structural and placing

drawings may be combined.’

The responsibility of the A/E is to furnish a clear statement
of design requirements to the detailer. The AIE’S project
specifications or structural drawings must not merely refer
the detailer to an applicable building code for information to

use in preparing the placing drawings. Instead, this informa-
tion shall be interpreted by the AE and shown in the form of

specific design details or notes for the detailer to follow.

Where omissions, ambiguities, or incompatibilities are dis-
covered, additional information, clarifications, or correc-
tions shall be requested by the detailer and provided by the

AIE. The A/E should require in the specifications that plac-
ing drawings be submitted for approval.


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