Understanding Structures Analysis, materials, design

Understanding Structures Analysis, materials, design

This book explains the fundamentals of structural analysis, materials and design. These topics are often
treated as separate subjects, but it is my belief that it is better to introduce all three topics in an integrated
fashion. This enables the student to tackle realistic design problems in the shortest possible time, and,
because he or she can see the relevance of the theory, it produces good motivation. It is also a way of
providing early exposure to the actual process of design - from initial concept through to final details.
Although much of the book deals with the design of individual structural elements in various materials, it
also considers the way these elements are used in complete structures, which is the essence of structural
form. To attempt to cover such a wide range of material in a modestly sized book has not been easy. In
selecting material for inclusion I have given preference to those issues which occur most frequently in the
real world of structural design

The book is intended for students of civil and structural engineering, building, architecture and surveying.
It is of use at both first year degree and BTEC level. Because it contains much real design data, it may also
be useful as a work of reference for the non-specialist practitioner.
In order to produce safe and economic structures, a large part of the structural design process is inevitably
numerical. However, where possible, the book avoids a mathematical approach. The aim is to develop a
'feel' and awareness for the physical behaviour of structures. As the title of the book suggests, the emphasis
is placed on understanding.


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