Concrete Structures: Protection, Repair and Rehabilitation

Concrete Structures: Protection, Repair and Rehabilitation

Timetakes its toll on concrete structure, which creates a problem for the use of
concrete in a country’s infrastructure. Knowing the right principles and procedures

for the repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures is a critical element to fi nan-
cial success. Tearing down existing structures and rebuilding them from the ground

up can be cost prohibitive. Learning and perfecting the ways to make the most of
existing infrastructures are key elements when it comes to sustainable living and
safe living conditions.

Manypeople look at concrete and see nothing but, well, concrete. But the know-
ledgeable mind sees much more. Are there stress cracks in the surface? Were expan-
sion joints installed properly? Does the color of the concrete indicate a proper

curing time? Is the surface a slick, glasslike fi nish or a brushed fi nish? Is the material
fl aking away? Can existing fl aws be repaired in such a way to guarantee structural
Mostpeople take concrete for granted. Yet, it is one of the strongest building
blocks of many bridges, highways, and other signifi cant infrastructure. Working with
a new installation of concrete is very different from repairing and rehabilitating
existing concrete structures. Both types of work have their rules of thumb and their
engineering elements. It often requires more experience to repair concrete than it
does to install it as new construction. This is what you will learn here.


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