Shear Wall Design Manual ACI 318-14

Shear Wall Design Manual ACI 318-14

This manual describes the details of the shear wall design and stress check
algorithms used by the program when the user selects the ACI 318-14 design
code. The various notations used in this manual are described in Section 1.1.
The design is based on loading combinations specified by the user (Section
1.2). To facilitate the design process, the program provides a set of default load
combinations that should satisfy requirements for the design of most building
type structures.

The program performs the following design, check, or analysis procedures in
accordance with ACI 318-14 and IBC 2012 requirements:
 Design and check of concrete wall piers for flexural and axial loads (Chapter
 Design of concrete wall piers for shear (Chapter 2)
 Consideration of the boundary element requirements for concrete wall piers
using an approach based on the requirements of the code (Chapter 2)
 Design of concrete shear wall spandrels for flexure (Chapter 3)
 Design of concrete wall spandrels for shear (Chapter 3)
The program provides detailed output data for Simplified pier section design,
Uniform pier section design/check, and Section Designer pier section

design/check (Chapter 4).


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