Water Engineering with the Spreadsheet

Water Engineering with the Spreadsheet

This book was written to show the application of spreadsheets to solve civil
engineering problems related to the general area of water resources. The four
areas covered are (1) fluid mechanics, (2) hydraulics, (3) hydrology, and
(4) stormwater management (or urban hydrology). The purpose of the book
is not to replace standard textbooks on fluid mechanics, hydraulics, hydrology,
or stormwater management, but to demonstrate how the learning process can be
enhanced with the help of spreadsheets. In fact, the book was written with the
assumption that readers are at least somewhat knowledgeable in the areas of
water resources engineering.

Most lecturers adopt a two-stage technique when presenting material to students.
Background information, important theoretical concepts, and equations
are presented in the first stage, usually followed by a second stage in which
example problems are solved to illustrate the applications of the material
presented in Stage 1. This book is written for readers who have completed
Stage 1 and are in Stage 2. Professors can use the material and examples
presented in this book to enhance their lecture material and provide more
examples to students.


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