Structural and Stress Analysis

Structural and Stress Analysis

considered is the role of analysis in the design process and methods of idealizing struc-
tures so that they become amenable to analysis. In Chapter 2 the necessary principles

of statics are discussed and applied directly to the calculation of support reactions.
Chapters 3–6 are concerned with the determination of internal force distributions in
statically determinate beams, trusses, cables and arches, while in Chapter 7 stress
and strain are discussed and stress–strain relationships established. The relationships
between the elastic constants are then derived and the concept of strain energy in axial
tension and compression introduced.

This is then applied to the determination of the
effects of impact loads, the calculation of displacements in axially loaded members

and the deflection of a simple truss. Subsequently, some simple statically indetermi-
nate systems are analysed and the compatibility of displacement condition introduced.

Finally, expressions for the stresses in thin-walled pressure vessels are derived. The

properties of the different materials used in civil engineering are investigated in Chap-
ter 8 together with an introduction to the phenomena of strain-hardening, creep and

relaxation and fatigue; a table of the properties of the more common civil engineering

materials is given at the end of the chapter. Chapters 9, 10 and 11 are respectively con-
cerned with the stresses produced by the bending, shear and torsion of beams while

Chapter 12 investigates composite beams.


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