Bre building elements foundations, basements and external works

BRE Building Elements Foundations, Basements and External Works

This book is the fifth of the BRE
Building Elements books and
completes the planned series which
was begun in 1996. The first four
books are Roofs and roofing (first
published in 1996), Floors and
flooring (1997), Walls, windows and
doors (1998) and Building services experience of individual surveyors.
Clients need to be advised on when to
call in other consultants to rectify
existing problems. The book is
certainly not addressed to the
geotechnical engineer or the
landscape architect, though it will in
all probability find application in the
education field.

Large civil engineering
structures such as port installations,
bridges and tunnels, underground car
parks and very large non-building
structures such as storage tanks are
excluded from the scope of this book.
Included in external works are all
items outside the building footprint
but inside the site boundary,
encompassing wastewater and surface
water drains, supply of utilities (eg
gas, electricity and cabled services),
footpaths, and access for vehicles
including car parks and hard standings
to be found in the vicinity of


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