Construction Technology An Illustrated Introduction

Construction Technology An Illustrated Introduction

One of the many reasons for writing this book
was the need to introduce students to a level
of detail which they would gain only with
practical experience on site or in workshops.
The accusation that the text includes too much
‘trade’ material could be levelled, but bearing
in mind that many of the students who might
use this text will be potential builders, quantity
surveyors and building surveyors, then
the inclusion of the trade material is very necessary.
One of the primary functions of certainly
the builders and quantity surveyors is
the need to be able to assess the cost of any
building operation.

Unless they understand
the processes to be gone through it is impossible
for these professionals to give an accurate
cost. They don’t have to be able to physically
do the work but they must know exactly what
is involved. So this text is for the ‘early learner’
whohas no background in the construction industry.
It is not intended to be an all embracing
text; the physical size of the book could
not allow that. So the author has been quite
selective in what has been included, the reasoning
behind the selection being the need to
introduce the early learner to sufficient information
to allow a general appreciation of the
more common techniques used in domestic
construction today.


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