Concrete In The Service Of Mankind Appropriate Concrete Technology

Concrete In The Service Of Mankind  Appropriate Concrete Technology

Concrete is ubiquitous and unique. Indeed, there are no alternatives to concrete as a
volume construction material. This raises important questions of how concrete should be
designed and constructed for cost effective use in the short and long-term, and yet
encourage further radical development. Equally, it must also be environmentally-friendly
during manufacture and in its aesthetic presentation in structures.
The Concrete Technology Unit (CTU) of the University of Dundee has organised this
major 5 day International Congress, following the conferences, Protection of Concrete in
1990 and Concrete 2000: Economic and Durable Construction Though Excellence in
1993, as part of its continuing commitment to the development of excellence in concrete

The Congress Opening Addresses were given by the Lord James Douglas-Hamilton

MP, Minister of State for the Construction Industry, Scotland and by Dr Ian J.Graham-
Bryce, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dundee. The Opening Papers

were presented by Emeritus Professors P.Kumar Metha and Ben C.Gerwick, University
of California, Berkeley, USA and Professor John Morris, University of Witwatersrand
and Mr Spencer S.Sephton, PPC Cement (pty), South Africa. The closing address was
given by Professor Peter C.Hewlett, Director of the British Board of Agrément, UK and
Visiting Industrial Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Dundee.
The Congress was supported by 14 major International Institutions together with 23
Sponsors and 50 Exhibitors, highlighting the importance of concrete and the close
cooperation between the CTU and industry.


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