Preparation of Construction Specifications for Civil Projects

Preparation of Construction Specifications for Civil Projects

In order to promote efficient project engineering, the Construction Institute
Committee on Specifications (Committee) has developed this guide
Preparation of Construction Specifications for Civil Projects. The Committee
reviewed the original manual published in the year 2000 and updated it to
include the latest revisions. During the more than 37 years of the Committee's
existence, the goals have been the improvement of specifications and the
reduction of problems caused by poorly written specifications. The Committee
has, through questionnaires, papers, articles, and symposia, endeavored to
share experiences and provide guidance in the area of specifications and their
relationships to civil engineering projects. This guide is not intended to apply
to specifications for Design-Build Contracts.

AThe Committee would like to recognize as an additional resource for guidance
in specification production the Project Resource Manual (PRM) published by
the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI). The PRM provides additional
detail and expands upon many principles presented in this guide. While this
guide provides a ready, convenient resource for the recommended principles
and approaches used for specification production in civil-engineered projects,
the Committee also recognizes and recommends the use of the CSI PRM as a
source for additional information on required skills and recommended
practices for writing specifications that provide the controls needed to
construct a quality project.


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