Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Structures manufactured from engineering materials such as reinforced and
prestressed concrete, steel and cast iron, although durable, do have a finite
life. Structures with significant problems are those exposed to marine environments,
de-icing salts on highways, aggressive industrial environments
and to a lesser extent those which are exposed to normal weather conditions.
From an economic point of view it is generally more realistic to
repair, if possible, rather than to demolish and rebuild the structures.
The in situ rehabilitation or upgrading of reinforced concrete members
using bonded steel plates has been proven in the field to be an effective,
convenient and economic method of improving structural performance.

The construction industry is currently using polymer materials for the
maintenance of structures and is showing great interest in the utilisation of
FRP materials to maintain structural integrity or to upgrade structural
systems. Advanced composite structural materials may have aligned continuous
fibres and/or aligned angle plies encapsulated in a polymer to form
plates, rods, tubes and structural profiles; the fibres would be either carbon,
aramid or glass. When used as a structural component to repair or
strengthen a system the polymer composite may be either unstressed or
pretensioned at the time of bonding.


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