Structural Analysis of Regular Multi-Storey Buildings

Structural Analysis of Regular Multi Storey Buildings

The book deals with the structural analysis of the bracing systems of multi-storey
building structures and intends to offer useful tools to both researchers and
practicing structural engineers. As a consequence, the material is divided into two
parts: Part I presents the theoretical background and Part II gives worked
A couple of decades ago approximate methods played a very important and
normally dominant role in the structural design of large structures as often, because
of the lack of computer power, it was not feasible, or practical, or sometimes
possible, to carry out an “exact” analysis of big and complex structures

The widespread availability of powerful computers and sophisticated programs
makes it possible to analyze even very large and complex structures with relatively
little effort. This is very welcome. There is, however, a certain degree of danger
that the structural engineer, in accepting the help of the computer, may get carried
away and rely on the computer to a greater extent than would be desirable and pay
less attention to the behaviour of the structure. It may be tempting to become


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