The CSI Construction Specifications Practice Guide

The CSI Construction Specifications Practice Guide

The responsibilities of the participants comprising the design team are determined by

the project delivery method used. In the design-bid-build, design-negotiate-build, con-
struction management, and owner-build methods of project delivery, the A/E executes

the design phases and delivers to the owner the documents according to the owner-A/E

agreement. Design-build project delivery differs in that the A/E is employed by the de-
sign-builder, and the design-builder executes both the design and construction. The term

A/E will be used to identify the design professional responsible for the project design and
construction documents, regardless of the project delivery method used.

Construction documents define the rights of, responsibilities of, and relationships
among the parties. Of these documents, the Agreement and the General Conditions of the
Contract have been developed by professional associations such as the American Institute
of Architects (AIA), the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC), and
the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) into standard documents. Several different
standard documents have been published by these organizations for the various project
delivery methods and basis of payment customarily used for construction. The advantage
of a standard document is that it provides familiarity through repeated use and also that

this repeated use has resulted in clear and well-coordinated documents. This standardiza-
tion has been extended to the project specifications and drawings as well.


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