This textbook is written for an undergraduate course in soil mechanics and foundations. It has three primary
objectives. The fi rst is to present basic concepts and fundamental principles of soil mechanics and
foundations in a simple pedagogy using the students’ background in mechanics, physics, and mathematics.
The second is to integrate modern learning principles, teaching techniques, and learning aids to assist
students in understanding the various topics in soil mechanics and foundations. The third is to provide
a solid background knowledge to hopefully launch students in their lifelong learning of geotechnical
engineering issues.

This book is intended to present the principles of soil mechanics and its application to foundation analyses.
It will provide you with an understanding of the properties and behavior of soils, albeit not a perfect
understanding. The design of safe and economical geotechnical structures or systems requires considerable
experience and judgment, which cannot be obtained by reading this or any other textbook. It is
hoped that the fundamental principles and guidance provided in this textbook will be a base for lifelong
learning in the science and art of geotechnical engineering.
The goals of this textbook in a course on soil mechanics and foundation are as follows:


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