Sustainable Steel Buildings A Practical Guide for Structures and Envelopes

Sustainable Steel Buildings A Practical Guide for Structures and Envelopes

Sustainability has been established for over one decade in building construction.
It has become a high priority and is well established amongst professionals and
authorities involved in design and construction. So why would one need another
book explaining the same again? This is required because detailed information on
the sustainability credentials of steel as a construction material is scattered over a
wide range of publications, reports or company data. Hence, this book focuses
on design and construction of sustainable steel buildings, looking at steel as a
on steel structures, and steel envelopes and illustrates all
this with many practical examples. For this purpose, we have brought together
European experts and professionals from various fields.

ustainable construction, followed by highlights of the legal and normative frame.
A discussion of basic concepts of sustainability assessment, such as life‐cycle
thinking and environmental product information in general and for steel construction
products specifically, is the next focus, followed by the methods and
design tools to deliver sustainable steel buildings and construction in general.
Topics and structural elements that are crucial for sustainable steel buildings are
addressed at. This comprises, for example, topics such as flexibility, benefits of
high strength steel or design for deconstruction, and hot‐dip galvanising and fireprotective


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