Seismic Analysis Excel Sheet

Seismic Analysis Excel Sheet

Seismic is manifested as ground shaking caused by the sudden release of energy in the Earth ’ s
crust. This energy may originate from different sources, such as dislocations of the crust, volcanic
eruptions, or even by man - made explosions or the collapse of underground cavities, such as mines or
karsts. Thus, while earthquakes are defi ned as natural disturbances, different types of earthquake exist:
fault rupture - induced, volcanic, mining - induced and large reservoir - induced. Richter ( 1958 ) has provided
a list of major earth disturbances recorded by seismographs as shown in Figure 1.1 . Tectonic
earthquakes are of particular interest to the structural engineers, and further discussion will therefore
focus on the latter type of ground disturbance.

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