Ribbed Slab Design Spreadsheets to Eurocode

Ribbed Slab Design Spreadsheets to Eurocode

• Ribbed slabs are widely used in many countries. This is attributed to the rapid shattering, ease of construction, and the reduction in the time of erection. This type of slabs or flooring system consists of series of small closed spaced reinforced concrete T-beams. These floors are suitable for building with light live loads.
The advantages of ribbed slab :

  • Quick and simple to install
  • Minimizes the need for skilled labor
  •  Supplied on short lead times
  •  Tailored to any type of site requirements
  •  Saves aggregate, concrete and steel
  •  Speeds construction
  •  Lowering building costs
  •  Reducing the cycle time of building
  •  Maximum control of concrete curing
  • Providing a higher quality floor surface;
  • Achieving longer spans in pile/beam structural
  • slabs and pile numbers may be optimized to limit additional costs
  •  Monolithic poured concrete foundation slabs
  •  Solution for Structural Weight Limits
  • Contributing to GREEN or LEED certified building

In one-way ribbed slab, loads are transferred in one direction, and the main reinforcement is distributed in the same direction of the load. With accurate to temperature and shrinkage,

 minimum of Φ33 bars diameter will be used in both direction and 
crossing each other over the blocks ( practically).I


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