One Way Slab Design Spreadsheets to Eurocode 2

One Way Slab Design Spreadsheets to Eurocode 2 

Slab consists of two types which are one way slab and two way slabs.
One way slab has two types namely simply supported slab and one way
continuous slab. While two way slabs also consist of two types namely simply
supported two way slab and constrained slab. Slab types can be decided
through side ratio calculation through BS8 110 reference such as:

  • Ly / Lx <2.0 (two way)
  • Ly / Lx > 2.0 (one-way)

with Ly was longer side and Lx was shorter side.

 A slab is called one-way if the main reinforcement designs within one
direction only. This situation happens if slab is supported only on two sides
only. If slab were supported at all four sides, slab will become one way if
long span ratio (Ly) to short span (Lx) is exceeding 2. Because of slab string
one-way then reinforcement in span direction is main reinforcement, while
reinforcement in direction perpendicular by span known as second
reinforcement which functions as binding main reinforcement and help stress
distribution because of temperature changes and concrete shrinkage.


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