Multi-Story Tilt-Up Wall Design Spreadsheet

Multi-Story Tilt-Up Wall Design Spreadsheet

Tilt-Up construction is continuing to grow at a record pace. Over the past three years, about one billion square feet of Tilt-Up wall panels have been constructed to provide approximately 2.3 billion square feet of usable floor space. While a significant percentage of this growth has come from single-story building construction, the multi-story Tilt-Up market has really begun to flourish. The design of these multi-story Tilt-Up buildings is significantly more involved than that of single-story buildings.

Multi-story tilt-up wall design is challenging compared with one-span (single-story) tilt-up wall. Selecting wall
thickness is different than the typical single-story application, and can result in a much thinner section. Thus,
stresses during construction and lifting should be investigated for the influence on required vertical reinforcement.
The reference example examines the reinforcement required for the final in-service condition only. 

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