Foundation Systems for High-Rise Structures

Foundation Systems for High-Rise Structures 

Rolf Katzenbach

Preference :

Various urban areas in the world are experiencing a scarcity of land, and the spatial expansion of buildings and structures is becoming increasingly problematic. High-rise structures are the only solution to this problem. The design, construction, and performance of such high-rise structures mostly depend on the stability of the foundation systems. High-rise structures, such as the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai or the proposed Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, depend upon the performance of their foundation systems. This book is the first to assemble the latest research on the analysis, design, and construction of such foundation systems for high-rise structures. Based on the authors’ own scientific research and extensive experience, and those of researchers from engineering practices, Foundation Systems for High-Rise Structures presents the theoretical basics of the analysis and design of all types of foundation systems and explains their application in completed construction projects.

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Content :
  • Introduction
  • Basics of geotechnical analysis
  • Spread foundations
  • Deep foundations
  • Combined pile-raft Foundation (CPRF)
  • Dynamic behavior of foundation systems
  • Special foundations

Download Foundation Systems for High-Rise Structures free PDF


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