Construction Equipment Management for Engineers Estimators and Owners

Construction Equipment Management for Engineers Estimators and Owners 

Douglas Granberg

Preference :

Construction Equipment Management for Engineers, Estimators, and Owners is intended to be a reference book for construction project managers, estimators, construction equipment fleet managers, and professional engineers. The book also contains information relevant to both the public and private sectors. It contains a great deal of ‘‘hands-on, how-to’’ information about equipment management based on the authors’ personal construction experiences throughout the world. It is written as a guide for individuals who need to estimate the cost of equipment on a given project and do not have data at their fingertips because their routine business does not involve a lot of equipment-related construction. The authors also hope that their book will be useful to the public agency equipment manager whose need is to minimize equipment costs rather than to maximize the profit earned by the equipment.

Content :
  • Evolution of Heavy Construction Equipment
  • Cost of Owning and Operating Construction Equipment
  • Equipment Life and Replacement Procedures
  • Earthmoving, Excavating, and Lifting Equipment Selection
  • Advanced Methods in Estimating and Optimizing Construction Equipment System
  • Stochastic Methods for Estimating Productivity
  • Scheduling Equipment-Intensive Horizontal Construction Projects
  • Scheduling Lifting Equipment for Vertical Construction
  • The Buy, Lease, or Rent Decision
  • Construction Equipment Maintenance
  • Construction Equipment Site Safety
  • Construction Equipment Security
  • Inventory Procedures and Practices

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