Successful Project Management

Successful Project Management 

Jack Gido,

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Project management is more than merely parceling out work assignments to individuals and hoping that they will somehow accomplish the desired result. In fact, projects that could have been successful often fail because of such take-it-for-granted approaches. Individuals need hard information and real skills to work successfully in a project environment and to accomplish project objectives. Successful Project Management is written to equip its users with both—by explaining concepts and techniques and by using numerous examples to show how they can be skillfully applied. Although the focus of the book is squarely on the practical things readers absolutely need to know to thrive in project environments, the book does not forsake objective learning; it simply challenges readers to think critically about project management principles and to apply them within the context of the real world. We capture lessons learned from years of managing projects, teaching project management, and writing extensively about it

Content :
  • CHAPTER 1 Project Management Concepts
  • CHAPTER 2 Identifying and Selecting Projects
  • CHAPTER 3 Developing Project Proposals
  • CHAPTER 4 Defining Scope, Quality, Responsibility, and Activity Sequence 
  • CHAPTER 5 Developing the Schedule
  • CHAPTER 6 Resource Utilization
  • CHAPTER 7 Determining Costs, Budget, and Earned Value
  • CHAPTER 8 Managing Risk 
  • CHAPTER 9 Closing the Project
  • CHAPTER 10 The Project Manager 
  • CHAPTER 11 The Project Team
  • CHAPTER 12 Project Communication and Documentation 
  • CHAPTER 13 Project Management Organizational Structures

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