National Structural Concrete Specification for Building Construction

National Structural Concrete Specification for Building Construction

This fourth edition of the National Structural Concrete Specifi cation (NSCS) has been completely
reviewed and revised to encompass the requirements of the Eurocodes and BS EN 13670: 2009,
Execution of concrete structures. It provides a BS EN 13670-compliant specifi cation for use in structural
concrete building construction designed to the Eurocodes. The adoption in the UK for the fi rst time of a
workmanship or execution standard in place of the workmanship requirements forming part of a design
standard has necessitated some changes to the structure of this document and terminology, but this
edition of the NSCS still has the same objective, that is to provide a defi nitive, simple and straightforward
specifi cation without unnecessary constraints. The section on execution management follows the
introduction of this term in BS EN 13670 and the numbering of the specifi cation sections follows that of
the standard.

The NSCS Project Specifi cation provides the information and requirements specifi c to the project.
It records, by exception, any amendments to the Standard Specifi cation considered necessary by the
designer and is the part of the Specifi cation where information is provided by the tenderer. This enables
tender documents or the contract for construction to consist of a Project Specifi cation only, because it
refers explicitly to the Standard Specifi cation as its base document. To aid the task of preparing a Project
Specifi cation, permission is hereby expressly given for users of this document to copy the whole of Project
Specifi cation without infringement of copyright. A data disc, or download, is available from CONSTRUCT
to enable easy electronic completion and distribution of the Project Specification.


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