Pile Design and Construction Practice

Pile Design and Construction Practice

Piling rigs are a commonplace feature on building sites in cities and towns today. The
continuing introduction of new, more powerful, and self-erecting machines for installing
piled foundations has transformed the economics of this form of construction in ground
conditions where, in the past, first consideration would have been given to conventional
spread or raft foundations, with piling being adopted only as a last resort in difficult

The increased adoption of piling is not only due to the availability of more efficient
mechanical equipment. Developments in analytical methods of calculating bearing capacity
and dynamic methods for load and integrity testing have resulted in greater assurance of
sound long-term performance. Further economies in foundation and superstructure design
are now possible because of the increased ability to predict movements of piles under load,
thus allowing engineers to adopt with confidence the concept of redistribution of load
between piles with consequent savings in overall pile lengths and cross-sectional dimensions,
as described in this new edition.


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