Bridges: Their Engineering and Planning

Bridges: Their Engineering and Planning 

George C. Lee

Preference :

A multidisciplinary and accessible introduction to humanity’s favorite structure: the bridge.
Whether you are a student considering a career in civil engineering and transportation planning, a public official interested in the future of infrastructure, or a person who simply cares about bridges, this book offers an accessible and illustrated introduction to the most beloved feature of our built environment. Learn about engineering basics: the forces that bridges must resist to stay aloft and the principles by which engineers decide which types of bridges make sense at which sites. Find out how engineers protect bridges from their greatest threats—the earthquakes, floods, and other hazards that can cause catastrophic damage.

Content :
  • Crossing the Bridge before We Get There
  • Counting Our Bridges
  • Understanding Stresses and Strains
  • Bridge Types and Sites
  • Making Strong Bridges: Dealing with Uncertainty
  • Resisting Extreme Events
  • Is It Worth It? Costs, Benefits, and Tough Decisions
  • Traffic across the Bridge
  • The Bridge in the Environment
  • Delivering the Bridge
  • A Bridge Spanning a Millennium

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