Principles and Practices of Commercial Construction

Principles and Practices of Commercial Construction 

Jüri Sutt,

Preference :

Project teams made up of designers, engineers, project managers, fabricators, contractors, and tradespeople are being asked to be more adaptive, flexible, and visionary in their roles as they deal with new realities. The construction industry is being challenged by increased global demand for metals, in particular, copper, nickel, and steel; higher energy costs as demand continues to rise; and the impacts of existing and future climate changes. Climate change alone will dictate new approaches to building design and construction. These new realities have begun to inform new concepts such as sustainable building policies that are environmentally responsible. Building codes and practice standards will continue to change as project teams learn to adapt to changing conditions such as heavier snow and wind loads, rising temperatures, and rising sea levels.

Content :
  • Site Investigation
  • Site Layout
  • Excavations and Excavating Equipment
  • Site Development and Services
  • Foundations
  • Formwork   
  • Concrete Work 
  • Structural Timber Frame
  • Reinforced Concrete Frame
  • Structural Steel Frame 
  • Floor Systems and Industrial Flooring 
  • Roof Systems and Industrial Roofing 
  • Masonry Construction
  • Curtain Wall Construction   
  • Building Insulation   
  • Finishing  

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