Site Planning and Design Handbook

Site Planning and Design Handbook 

Thomas H. Russ

Preference :

Essential site planning and design strategies, up-to-date with the latest sustainable development techniques Discover how to incorporate sound environmental considerations into traditional site design processes. Written by a licensed landscape architect with more than 20 years of professional experience, this authoritative guide combines established approaches to site planning with sustainable practices and increased environmental sensitivity. Fully revised and updated, Site Planning and Design Handbook, Second Edition discusses the latest standards and protocols-including LEED. The book features expanded coverage of green site design topics such as water conservation, energy efficiency, green building materials, site infrastructure, and brownfield restoration. 

Content :
  • 1 Sustainability and Site Design
  • 2 Sustainability and the “Green” Site
  • 3 Site Data and Analysis
  • 4 Design for Communities
  • 5 Design for People
  • 6 Street and Parking Design
  • 7 Site Grading
  • 8 Infrastructure
  • 9 Landscape Restoration
  • 10 Vegetation in the Site Plan
  • 11 Preserving Landscapes
  • 12 Landscape and Culture
  • 13 Professional and Project Management Issues

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