Building a Successful Construction Company

Building a Successful Construction Company

Netscher, Paul

Preference :

Many people think there’s lots of easy money to be made in construction. They may be working for a construction company and see owners and senior managers driving expensive cars, or they hear of companies doing well and declaring big profits. It seems to be a fast way to make money. So, many good tradesmen give up their jobs, invest their life savings, and start their own construction business. Unfortunately, the truth is that for every rich and successful person in the construction industry there are probably at least ten others, business owners and managers, who aren’t as successful, working long hours and taking home an average salary. Furthermore, there are probably several business owners who’ve lost their companies and are once more working for a boss, sometimes even in another industry. Nearly all of these people are skilled and knowledgeable and I’m sure every one of them worked hard. Many of them probably even completed successful projects, and yet, their company wasn’t successful and eventually collapsed.

Content :
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – The Right Project
  • Chapter 2 – Finding The Right Projects
  • Chapter 3 – Tendering (Preparing The Quotation)
  • Chapter 4 – Securing The Project
  • Chapter 5 – Delivering The Project
  • Chapter 6 – Reducing Costs
  • Chapter 7 – Maximising Revenue
  • Chapter 8 – Financial Management
  • Chapter 9 – Contractual
  • Chapter 10 – People
  • Chapter 11 - Managing The Company
  • Chapter 12 – Growing The Company
  • Chapter 13 – Reputation
  • Conclusion

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