Risk Management for Design and Construction

Modern Construction Handbook, Third Edition 

Ovidiu Cretu

Preference :

Risk management is perhaps the hottest topic of discussion for professionals within the design and construction industry who care about the fate of their endeavors, whatever they may be. Increasingly, professionals are engaged in risk management even before the project is assigned to them. It is difficult to imagine project management without formal or informal risk management. The next paragraph presents one more reason why risk management is needed for projects that we want to succeed.

Content :
  • 1: Why And What Is Risk Management?
  • 2: Project Cost And Schedule Estimates
  • 3: The Risk-based chapter 
  • 4: Risk Elicitation Estimate
  • 5: Risk Management
  • 6: Risk-based Estimate Self-modeling Spreadsheet
  • Risk-based Estimate Workshop

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