Project Management: How to Plan and Manage Successful Projects

Project Management: How to Plan and Manage Successful Projects 

Joan Knutson, Ira Bitz

Preference :

Project management is the discipline that relates all of those words that you thought of that apply to the project. This discipline cultivates the expertise to plan, monitor, track, and manage the people, the time, the budget, and the quality of the work on projects. Project management fulfills two purposes: (1) It provides the technical and business documentation to communicate the plan and, subsequently, the status that facilitates comparison of the plan against actual performance, and (2) it supports the development of the managerial skills to facilitate better management of the people and their project(s). Project management is a proactive style of management. Negotiation techniques and good communication and analytical skills are integral parts of this approach. Another key ingredient is the evaluation of performance against those objectives. Central to this management style is the application of high standards of quality to the project work.

Content :
  • Chapter 1—Introduction to Project Management
  • Chapter 2—Initiating a Project
  • Chapter 3—Building the Project Team
  • Chapter 4—A Model for Project Planning
  • Chapter 5—Project Planning Techniques: Schedule, Cost, and Resource Utilization
  • Chapter 6—Managing Project Change
  • Chapter 7—A Model for Project Control
  • Chapter 8—Project Control Techniques: Status Reports and Reviews
  • Chapter 9—A Model for Earned Value: Achievement-Accomplishment Monitoring

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