Theory of Structures: Fundamentals, Framed Structures, Plates and Shells

Theory of Structures: Fundamentals, Framed Structures, Plates and Shells 

Peter Marti

Preference :

The book is aimed at students and teaching staff as well as practicing civil and structural engineers. Its purpose is to enable readers to model and handle structures sensibly and to provide support for the planning and checking of structures. These days, most structural calculations are carried out by computers on the basis of the finite element method. This book provides only an introduction to that topic. It concentrates on the fundamentals of the theory of structures, the goal is to convey appropriate insights into and knowledge about structural behavior. Framed structures and plate and shell structures are treated according to elastic theory and plastic theory. There are many examples and also a number of exercises for the reader to solve in- dependently. 

Content :
  • The Purpose And Scope Of Theory Of Structures
  • Brief Historical Background
  • Design Of Structures
  • Structural Analysis And Dimensioning
  • Static Relationships
  • Kinematic Relationships
  • Constitutive Relationships
  • Energy Methods
  • Structural Elements And Topology
  • Determining The Forces
  • Stress Resultants And State Diagrams
  • Influence Lines
  • Elementary Deformations
  • Single Deformations
  • Deformation Diagrams

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