Civil Engineering Materials

Civil Engineering Materials 

Nagaratnam Sivakugan

Preference :

Prepare your students for today's civil engineering challenges, providing them with a broad overview of the materials they will use as civil engineers in their studies and careers. CIVIL ENGINEERING MATERIALS not only covers traditional materials, such as concrete, steel, timber, and soils but also explores non-traditional materials, such as synthetics and industrial-by products. Numerous practical examples and straight-forward explanations help your students gain a full understanding of the characteristics and behavior of various materials, how they interact, and how to best utilize and combine traditional and non-traditional materials. While emphasizing the use of civil engineering materials, the authors also carefully address the important issues related to sustainability to give students a broader context of how materials are used in contemporary applications.

Content :
  • 1. Engineering Behavior Of Materials
  • 2. Chemistry Of Materials. Introduction.
  • 3. Soils. 
  • 4. Rocks.
  • 5. Aggregates
  • 6. Geosynthetics
  • 7. Asphalt Cement And Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete.
  • 8. Cement And Concrete.
  • 9. Metals And Alloys.
  • 10. Steel.
  • 11. Polymers, Ceramics, And Composites.
  • 12. Wood
  • 13. Sustainable Use Of Construction Materials

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