Managing Project Risks

Managing Project Risks 


Preference :

If ‘project’ is part of your daily vocabulary, then this book is aimed at you. It is intended to appeal to practitioners of project management across a wide range of industries and professions; to people working in the private and public sectors, and those in the arts and entertainment; as well as to business organizations, service providers, and manufacturers. Students are very much included in our target readership as they pursue their academic journeys on the way to entering hopefully satisfying and rewarding careers.

Content :
  • Introduction 
  • An Overview of Risk
  • Projects and Project Stakeholders
  • Project Risk Management Systems
  • Project Risk Contexts and Drivers
  • Approach to Project Risk Identification
  • Project Risk Identification Tools
  • Project Risk Analysis and Evaluation
  • Risk Response and Treatment Options
  • Risk Monitoring and Control
  • Project Risk Knowledge Management
  • Cultural Shaping of Risk
  • Project Complexity and Risk
  • Political Risk
  • Opportunity Risk Management
  • Strategic Risk Management 
  • Communicating Risk 
  • Conclusions 

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