The Analysis of Irregular Shaped Structures Diaphragms and Shear Walls

The Analysis of Irregular Shaped Structures Diaphragms and Shear Walls 

Robert Rice

Preference :

Residential and commercial buildings have become more complex than structures built only a few decades ago. Horizontal and vertical offsets in the diaphragms, multiple reentrant corners, multiple irregularities, and fewer vertical lateral- force-resisting elements are commonplace. The structural configurations of many modern buildings require very complex lateral load paths. Most texts and publications available today only address simple rectangular diaphragms and shear walls. Methods of analysis for these simpler diaphragms and shear walls do not easily adapt to complex diaphragms and shear wall layouts in irregular shaped structures.

Content :
  • 1 Code Sections and Analysis
  • 2 Diaphragm Basics
  • 3 Diaphragms With End Horizontal Offsets
  • 4 Diaphragms With Intermediate Offsets
  • 5 Diaphragms With Openings
  • 6 Open Front and Cantilever Diaphragms
  • 7 Diaphragms With Vertical Offsets
  • 8 Complex Diaphragms With Combined Openings and Offsets
  • 9 Standard Shear Walls
  • 10 Shear Walls With Openings
  • 11 Discontinuous Shear Walls
  • 12 Horizontally Offset Shear Walls
  • 13 The Portal Frame
  • 14 Rigid Moment-Resisting Frame Walls: The Frame Method of Analysis

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