Introduction to Software Project Management

Introduction to Software Project Management 


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Software development is considered among the most complex activities carried out by man. The steady growth of software systems’ size, the increasing role software is playing in safety-critical applications, and the speed at which technology and software change are some of the causes frequently mentioned to support the above claim. Although techniques and tools to build software have improved considerably in the last 60 years, a proper development process and sound project management are and will remain the top reasons software projects fail or succeed. 
Software project managers share many of the goals of project managers in other domains, namely, ensuring an appropriate quality of the end product, while, at the same time, keeping under control all the other project variables, like time and costs. Different from other domains, however, software has specific characteristics, such as invisibility, complexity, and flexibility (in its application and production means), that call for specific management techniques.

Content :
  • Introduction
  • The Basics: Software Development Activities and Their Organization
  • Making IT Right: Managing Goals, Time, and Costs
  • Making IT Better: Managing Changes, Risks, and Quality
  • Making IT Perfect: Managing People and Organizing Communication
  • Software Project Pricing
  • Managing Software Development Projects
  • Software Project Pricing
  • Managing Software Development Projects
  • Development and Management Standards
  • Open Source Tools for Managing Projects

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