Project Management Workbook and PMP/CAPM Exam Study Guide

Project management workbook and PMP/CAPM exam study guide 

Kerzner, Harold

Preference :

Project management has been practiced for hundreds, actually thousands, of years. Long before computers and sophisticated scheduling techniques became available, the ancestors of today’s professional project managers had to determine resource requirements, arrange for material and equipment, and strive to meet a schedule imposed by, in many cases, a powerful leadership entity. They knew that any construction type of undertaking or project endeavor, large or small, required a goal, a set of objectives, a plan, coordination with many functional groups, the management of resources, and the ability to manage change. Additionally, it became very clear that every project requires strong and adaptive leadership.

Content :
  • Project Management Overview
  • Project Management Growth: Concepts and Definitions
  • Organizational Structures
  • Organizing and Staffing the Project Office and Team
  • Management Functions
  • Communications Management
  • Conflicts
  • Special Topics
  • The Variables for Success
  • Working with Executives
  • Planning
  • Network Scheduling Techniques
  • Pricing and Estimating
  • Cost Control
  • Metrics
  • Trade-Off Analysis in a Project Environment
  • Risk Management
  • Learning Curves
  • Contract Management
  • Quality Management
  • Modern Developments in Project Management

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