Principles of construction safety

Principles of construction safety 

Allan St. John Holt

Preference :

The construction industry has not had a good record on health and safety and faces tough legal and financial penalties for breaches of the law. This book provides a unique resource for all those who construct or procure the construction of projects of all sizes and in all countries and for clients who need to keep abreast of their own and their contractors' responsibilities. It gives practical guidance on best practice, including:* measuring performance and recording information* developing a safety policy and method statements* assessing risk* training and understanding people* the basics of the construction/environment interface book addresses several topics not found in other reference works, discussing techniques of health and safety and basic environmental management as applied to the industry. It uniquely provides 50 quick reference guides setting out solutions to common problems.

Content :
  • Introduction 
  • Part 1 Construction Safety Management - Fundamentals
  • Where are we now?
  • Measuring performance & recording information
  • Techniques of construction safety management
  • The Safety policy
  • Assessing the risks
  • Control strategies for construction work
  • The Health and Safety plan
  • Training
  • Meetings
  • Understanding people
  •  Joint consultation; Access to information
  • Part 2 Environment, Health and Safety Issues - Construction and the environment
  • Construction hazards and solutions
  • Quick reference guide
  • Part 3 Legal Requirements - Construction Health and safety law

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