Plates and Shells Theory and Analysis

Plates and Shells Theory and Analysis 

Ugural, Ansel C

Preference :

The subject matter of the text is usually covered in one-semester senior and one-semester graduate-level courses dealing with the analysis of beams, plates and shells, stress analysis, pressure vessels, analysis of thin-walled structures, advanced statics, or special topics in solid and structural mechanics. As sufficient material is provided for a full year of study, this book may stimulate the development of courses in advanced engineering design. The coverage presumes knowledge of the elementary mechanics of materials. The text is intended to serve a twofold purpose: to complement classroom lectures and to accommodate the needs of practicing engineers in the analysis of beam, plate, and shell structures.

Content :
  • 1. Basic Concepts
  • 2. Simple Structural Members
  • 3. Plate-Bending Theory
  • 4. Circular Plates
  • 5. Rectangular Plates
  • 6. Plates of Various Geometrical Forms
  • 7. Numerical Methods
  • 8. Anisotropic Plates
  • 9. Plates under Combined Loads
  • 10. Large Deflection of Plates
  • 11. Thermal Stresses in Plates
  • 12. Membrane Stresses in Shells
  • 13. Bending Stresses in Shells
  • 14. Applications to Pipes, Tanks, and Pressure Vessels
  • 15. Cylindrical Shells under General Loads

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