Marine Structural Design, Second Edition

Marine Structural Design, Second Edition 

Bai, Yong, Jin

Preference :

This book is devoted to the modern theory for design and analysis of marine structures. The term “marine structures” refers to ships and offshore structures. The objective of this book is to summarize the latest developments of design codes, engineering practices, and research into the form of a book, focusing on applications of finite element analysis and risk/reliability methods.
Calculating wave loads and load combinations is the first step in marine structural design. For structural design and analysis, a structural engineer needs to understand the basic concepts of waves, motions, and design loads. Extreme value analysis for dynamic systems is another area that has had substantial advances from 1995 to 2015. It is an important subject for the determination of the design values for motions and strength analysis of floating structures, risers, mooring systems, and tendons for tension leg platforms.

Content :
  • Part 1. Structural Design Principles
  • Part 2. Ultimate Strength
  • Part 3. Fatigue and Fracture
  • Part 4. Structural Reliability
  • Part 5. Risk Assessment
  • Part 6. Fixed Platforms and FPSO

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