Construction Cost Management: Learning from Case Studies

Construction Cost Management: Learning from Case Studies 

Keith Potts,

Preference :

There have been many significant changes in the construction sector within the past decade. Notably, the sector has witnessed the growth of partnering and alliancing which require better management of the supply chain and increasing use of the NEC Contract (NEC3) which requires a team-based proactive approach to project delivery. New financial models have been developed including Private Finance Initiative (PFI), Local Asset Backed Vehicles (LABVs), and variants of these in which private sector consortia design, build, own, and operate public facilities in partnership with the public sector. Great advances have been made on the technical front with the growth of Building Information

Content :
  • Introduction
  • Management of the Pre-contract Stage
  • Key Tools and Techniques
  • Procurement Strategies
  • Management of the Post-contract Stage
  • Contracts and Case Studies

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